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a whole new way to pay for things

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It's a whole new way to pay for things.

Increase Your Revenue

Through customers we deliver to your doorstep.

Reduce Cash Outflow

By spending BE first, not cash.

Build Repeat Business

Accepting BE Dollars means more loyal, repeat customers.

Provable Results

Our system works so well, we wait to get paid until you SPEND the earnings we brought you.

Increase Your Visibility

With BE's email marketing, directory listings, mobile apps, word-of-mouth referrals and social networks.

Our Guarantee

If we don't produce profits for you, your next year's membership is on us.

Save every time you spend.

You're always paying less - because your actual cost is your cost of goods.

You can even receive a discount when you "overdraft".


Business Express has worked for countless local businesses - let us show you how it can work for you, too!

We're everywhere you need us to be... PC, Mac, iOS and Android.