a whole new way to pay for things

What's in it for you?

By joining BE, you save cash by trading with pre-screened BE partners, ensuring you outstanding quality, exceptional service and unmatched value. As a BE partner, the power to trade within a pool of top Acadiana companies gives you a competitive edge over nonmembers — saving you time and money, and building your reputation among some of the most respected businesses in the region. The best part? What's earned in BE stays in BE. Your BE sales create real BE currency, BE Dollars that you can use with any BE partner, not just the company with which you made your latest sale.

What's in it for BE?

BE continues to grow and expand by using a small percentage of sales to cover our overhead. But the best part for us? Well, each BE membership helps us continue to work toward our company's mission — building a strong and healthy Acadiana. Because what's earned in BE stays in BE — and that ensures that every BE sale and every BE purchase helps strengthen our local economy, adding to Acadiana's value-added dollars, keeping our talent, our jobs and our people home where they belong.